Fees and payments

Room and meal fees

You can find the fees for your room and available meal packages by browsing our rooms.

You can also see our full list of fees for all the rooms we offer.

2020 Accommodation packages

The total cost for your accommodation package is direct debited for 18 fortnightly or 36 weekly equal payments.

Prices for Package 1 are for 29 weeks accommodation. This means you’ll need to pack up and vacate your room for all breaks, periods between Sessions, and also for Session 3. Direct debits continue over these break periods for a total of 36 weeks, however, the total paid is equivalent to 29 weeks.

Prices for Package 2 are for 36 weeks of accommodation and includes Sessions 1 & 2 and the breaks, but you'll need to pack up and vacate your room for Session 3.

Application and acceptance fees

The Orientation Tariff and Application Fee are one-off payments that only apply to new students.

Orientation Tariff - compulsory for all first year students (non-refundable) $250.00
Application Fee (non-refundable) $220.00

Session 2 Only

Orientation Tariff - compulsory for all first year students (non-refundable) $130.00
Application Fee (non-refundable) $220.00

Service fees

Room Change Fee $50.00
Room Cancellation Fee* $500.00
BPOINT Payment Default Fee $25.00
Late return of Lockout Key/Card (for every 24hrs late) $10.00
Non-return of key tag $10.00
Lost lock out card $25.00
Lost or unreturned room key $300.00
After-hours Room Lockout Charge - each student is allowed two, after-hours, free-of-charge lockouts per calendar year (i.e. outside the hours of 9am-5pm weekdays, public holidays excluded). Each additional lockout will be charged. $50.00

*Room cancellations

If you decide to cancel your accommodation after the the commencement date (as specified in the letter of offer), you'll need to pay your full package fees for your accommodation in addition to the cancellation fee.

When you apply for accommodation, please be aware of your commitment by reading the Accommodation Cancellation Guidelines.


Full time residents pay weekly or fortnightly via BPOINT (Direct Debit). Direct Debit registration is completed as a part of your accommodation acceptance and instructions are sent to residents with their accommodation offer.

Annual fees can be paid up front in full. Students paying upfront must still fill out the Direct Debit registration and this will be cancelled when CSU has received full payment.

Note on payments for Package 1 Residents - Direct Debit continues over the break periods for Package 1 students, however, the total paid is equivalent to 29 weeks accommodation/meals. The weekly price quoted for Package 1 is approximate due to rounding. Please refer to your bpoint payment schedule for weekly charges.

How to pay

Information on how to pay your CSU account by Internet, BPay, in person or by mail.