Applying for accommodation

Applying for accommodation at CSU is simple. Just follow the checklist below and you'll be 'on res' before you know it.

  1. Make sure you've accepted your offer to study at CSU
  2. Choose which residence suits your needs and budget
  3. Make sure you understand the general fees and accommodation packages we offer
  4. Check the meal packages and make sure you've chosen one that suits your needs
  5. Read and understand the Residential Agreement
  6. Apply online through CSU's Accommodation Portal
  7. Pay the application fee and orientation tariff and you're done!

How will I know if I'm successful?

We'll send your room offer to your CSU registered email address. If your first-choice residence is full, we'll offer you an alternative. If we don't have a room available in one of your preferred options, we'll let you know via email and put your name on the waiting list.

International students

The application process is the same whether you’re a domestic or international student. We realise international students might need to arrive before the normal move-in dates, in which case you'll just need to complete a temporary accommodation application form for the period outside the set dates of your accommodation offer.

Pathways students

The application process is the same for pathways students, but you'll need to apply for accommodation 'Package two' so you'll be able to keep your room during the CSU break periods and can continue to attend any TAFE classes.

If you need accommodation outside the normal CSU accommodation dates that's no problem, you'll just need to complete a temporary accommodation application form for the dates you need.

Temporary accommodation

Students or university visitors can apply to stay on campus on a temporary or casual basis.

To apply, you'll need to fill out and return a temporary accommodation application form.

Temporary accommodation rates

Prices for temporary accommodation vary according to the length of stay and accommodation type. We can email you a quote once we've received your application form.