CHEERS Flexi food options

All Charles Sturt University students can have a Cheers Flexi Food Option, even if you don’t live on campus!

Cheers Flexi Food Options provide peace of mind. You’ll won’t need to about shopping or cooking; allowing you to focus on your Uni life free from hunger.

Flexi Food can be purchased by either yourself or by someone else on your behalf, like a parent, guardian or supporter.

Some accommodation packages have a minimum Flexi Food Option requirement and other accommodation types let you choose one to suit your lifestyle and hunger.

You can choose your flexi food option when you accept your accommodation offer.

Flexi Food Options are also available to students who live off-campus. Contact and we can assist with setting this up.

How does it work?

Flexi Points are a way of loading cash onto your CSU Card. One point equals $1 and they can be spent in cent increments. So you can spend a little ('one Freddo Frog thanks') or a lot ('I'm planning a big study session so I'll have a pasta, an energy drink, two apples and some chocolate … and see you in the morning for coffee').

Flexi Points are valid at any Cheers food or retail outlet on campus, to be spent on food, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.

Your flexi points are loaded onto your student ID card every fortnight. We encourage everyone to eat regularly and budget your flexis’ across the fortnight until the next reload. Any unused flexi points will rollover to the next session.

Cheers Flexi Food plans are valid for 36 weeks starting at the beginning of session one. Any unused flexi points will expire on the final termination date for residences.

You get a bonus 10% top up of Flexi Points when purchasing a Cheers Flexi Food Option!

2020 Flexi Food Options

Flexi Food option Weekly Flexi pointsWeekly bonus top up Total cost
Cheers Mini $31.50 + $3.15 $1134.00
Cheers Lite $52.50 + $5.25 $1890.00
Cheers Standard $84.00 + $8.40 $3024.00
Cheers Deluxe $126.00 + $12.60 $4536.00

Flexi Food – Terms & Conditions

  • Flexi Food Option must be confirmed during the accommodation acceptance process.
  • Flexi Food Option cannot be downgraded once you have finalized your accommodation acceptance.
  • Flexi Points may be redeemed at participating food and retail outlets on the Bathurst, Orange, Dubbo, Albury and Wagga campuses
  • Flexi Points are added to your CSU Student Card fortnightly and you can use them from the first week of session. Any unused flexi points rollover to the following session for the period of 36 weeks. Your unused flexi points balance will expire at the end of session 2.
  • Flexi Points for Residential School students will be loaded ready for your first day of attendance at Residential School. Your flexi points will be valid for use until end of session 2.
  • Flexi Points are not refundable or transferable
  • Room Changes may attract a compulsory Flexi food option, see the accommodation cancellation and room change guidelines for details.
  • Flexi Points can be redeemed at campus outlets, at the equivalent rate of 1 point per 1 dollar on all food and beverage items (excluding alcohol)
  • Students presenting to food outlets without a valid CSU Card or a CSU Card with no Flexi Point balance will be required to pay at the time of purchase.
  • The Flexi Point portion of your accommodation charges are only cancelled in conjunction with Accommodation Cancellations in line with the Residential Agreement.
  • Students are not permitted to allow any other person to utilise their student card to access Flexi Points. A student cards presented by someone other than the owner of the card will be confiscated
  • Flexi Points cannot be used for the purchase of alcohol (excepting occasional bundled offers)
  • A maximum of 80 Flexi Points can be claimed per day
  • Flexi Points expire at the end of session 2.