Living off campus checklist

If you have a family or feel like on campus accommodation isn’t for you, living off campus may be what you’re looking for. You might find it helpful to talk to someone who has rented to find out what it’s like.

You can also consider the following when choosing your off campus accommodation:


  • Look at bus services near your accommodation that go to Uni and other places
  • Consider your proximity to shopping centres
  • Choose a suburb to suit your needs.

Type of accommodation

  • Do you want to share with a family, a person, or other students?
  • Do you want to board (various options) or be self-catered?
  • Consider neighbours, pets and conditions such as gardening / lawn mowing
  • Can you negotiate parking, meals, visitor's rights, and cost sharing before agreeing to rent or board?
  • Do you have a lease? What is the length of the lease? What are your obligations under the lease?
  • Do you require some furniture?


  • What meals are included?
  • What are the washing and ironing arrangements?
  • Are linen and towels supplied?
  • What are the telephone arrangements?
  • Is there an internet connection?
  • Are there restrictions on visitors?
  • Do you need some of your own furniture?
  • Are there any extra charges in addition to your board?
  • Is there a rent reduction for work around the home?

Be aware of tenancy rights and obligations. You can contact Tenants NSW for more information.