John Oxley Village (JOV) Self-catered share house

JOV self-catered rooms are only available to continuing students as a share house. You'll need to apply as a group, so if you want to stay with your friends this is the place for you. It will have the best parts of living in a house as well as all the benefits of living on campus.

Continuing students will be emailed information on how to apply and may contact or the Bathurst Residence Life office to discuss applications for JOV Self-catered share house groups.



Meal plan available

Bar fridge in room

Wi-Fi / data point

Shared kitchen

Shared unisex bathroom

Pricing options

Package 2 (includes university breaks)

Package 2Room Rate (p/w)Meal OptionMeal Rate (p/w)Total Cost
John Oxley Village (Self-catered) $175.00 Self $0.00 $6,300.00
John Oxley Village (Self-catered) $175.00 Cheers 3 $30.00 $7,380.00
John Oxley Village (Self-catered) $175.00 Cheers 5 $50.00 $8,100.00
John Oxley Village (Self-catered) $175.00 Cheers Bronze $80.00 $9,180.00
John Oxley Village (Self-catered) $175.00 Cheers Silver $120.00 $10,620.00
John Oxley Village (Self-catered) $175.00 Cheers Gold $150.00 $11,700.00
Package 2Room Rate (p/w)Meal PlanMeal Rate (p/w)Total Cost
JOV (Self Catered)* $175.00 Self $0.00 $2,944.00
JOV (Self Catered)* $175.00 Cheers 3 $30.00 $3,452.80
JOV (Self Catered)* $175.00 Cheers 5 $50.00 $3,793.60
JOV (Self Catered)* $175.00 Cheers Bronze $80.00 $4,304.00
JOV (Self Catered)* $175.00 Cheers Silver $120.00 $4,984.00
JOV (Self Catered)* $175.00 Cheers Gold $150.00 $5,492.80

Package 1 (doesn't include university breaks)

Not available at John Oxley Village.