Dubbo Cottages

Our cottage-style accommodation on campus at CSU in Dubbo provides a welcoming home away from home for students moving away to attend university.

All rooms are fully furnished with a bed, mattress, desk, wardrobe and chair. Washing machines, dryers and clotheslines are also available in the residential community. All costs are included in your room rate.




Bar fridge in roomBar fridge in room

WiFi / Data pointWi-Fi / data point

Self cateredSelf catered

Shared kitchenShared kitchen

Shared unisex bathroomShared unisex bathroom


CSU accommodation fees are all inclusive, and all usage for utilities, internet, maintenance, laundry costs etc., are included in your room rate.

Accommodation offered at Dubbo is Self-catered, Package Two for 36 weeks. Giving you access to your room during Session 1 and Session 2 including non-class periods.

Package 2 (includes university breaks)

Package 2 Catering Plan Weekly Room Rate Total Yearly Accom Package Total Annual Meal Package Total Annual Cost Weekly Payment
Cottages Self $180.00 $6,480.00 $0.00 $6,480.00 $180.00

Package 1 (doesn't include university breaks)

Not available at the Dubbo Cottages.