Information for parents and guardians

Wherever their studies take them, at Charles Sturt University students will receive a warm welcome, stay in comfortable, safe and secure accommodation, and enjoy a stress-free living experience.

The Residence Life team are here to make sure living on campus is everything a student could hope for. We’re dedicated to providing safe, inclusive and educational residential communities.

We are here to support them whenever they need it. We want our students to grow and develop as a member of a community. We encourage responsibility, resilience and leadership and we help our students develop in these areas.

We can make their time living at Charles Sturt, a truly memorable experience.

When your child lives on campus, they join our community and we’re with them every step of the way.

Our experience counts

For many years, Charles Sturt has provided a home away from home for thousands of students. We are highly experienced in operating student accommodation, and we understand the concerns parents have.

The Residence Life team consists of full time employees and student leaders. We’re all here to help students adapt to their new home, gain independence and grow as an individual.

Support we offer

At Charles Sturt, we offer comfortable, safe and secure accommodation so students can enjoy a stress-free living experience.

Our Residential Support Scheme is designed to make sure your child gets the most out of their university experience professionally, personally and socially.

Health and wellbeing

We offer many services to ensure students are fit, healthy and ready to get the most out of their studies. Some examples include:

  • free counsellors that can help on a range of issues
  • a list of doctors near our campuses that bulk-bill
  • regular health information sessions
  • sessions in mindfulness to help students focus on their studies.


We work closely with our security team to maintain safety on all campuses and in our residences. Our major campuses have:

  • swipe card access
  • help if a student locks themselves out of their room
  • security available 24/7
  • regular security patrols.

We also encourage students to take common sense security measures such as keeping doors and windows locked when they are away from their room.

Value for money

Our accommodation options are all-inclusive. This means there are no extra bills to budget for. The cost of the accommodation covers:

  • utilities
  • security
  • maintenance
  • internet access and wi-fi
  • fully furnished bedrooms, living areas and common spaces
  • Residential Support Scheme
  • parking
  • dedicated study spaces
  • cleaning
  • washing machines and dryers.

Food and meals

We can also take the stress out of cooking, with most of our campuses having various meal options available. Compared to a big city, the cheaper cost of regional living means that living on campus is cost-effective.

Friends and housemates

We encourage our students to get to know each other and make friends. We find that this is the best way for students to have an enjoyable experience on campus.

As a parent or guardian, you also play an important role in helping to encourage your child to socialise at Charles Sturt.

Respectful behaviour

We encourage students to engage in respectful behaviour at all times. In rare cases of inappropriate behaviour, we manage these according to our Misconduct Policy.


Charles Sturt does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to a resident's personal property. You will need to arrange private all-risk insurance on possessions kept in the rooms at Charles Sturt. Residents are responsible for the security of their rooms at all times.

Staying in touch

If you have any concerns for your child, you can contact the Residence Life office on their campus.

We can give them a reminder to call home or pass on any important messages, however University staff can’t talk to parents about students or disclose their information.

Subject Zero - Teaching zero tolerance to every student

We want our University to be a place of safety and respect.

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